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What? You haven’t read SPARK yet? The NEW YORK TIMES gave the book a rave review. “Spark is an even better introduction to the abundant dystopian talents of John Twelve Hawks than The Traveler was… exhilarated… breathless action …[The] protagonist lives in an ominous, technology-dominated… Read more

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Against Authority

New Ebook: Against Authority

In both his novels and in his 2005 essay, How We Live Now, John Twelve Hawks was one of the first authors to warn us about the growing power of surveillance technology.

Now he has written a personal and controversial book that shows how our lives are watched and analyzed by governments and international corporations.

In a world in which our actions can be monitored by a computerized grid of social control, is there anything we can do to defend our freedom?

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Spark: A Novel

Available October 7, 2014.
Jacob Underwood is a contract employee of the Special Services Section, a shadow department in a faceless multinational corporation called DGB. But Jacob isn’t an accountant or an IT specialist. He’s a hired assassin and his job is to neutralize problems deemed unacceptable by the corporation.

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